Promotion and Economic Development Agency of Salbris in France - Salbris Développement

The Promotion and Economic Development Agency of the city of Salbris in France

Since the 20th century, the SALBRIS area accommodated many activities connected with electronics and defence industries.

In 2006, the creation of the logistic platform of 300 000 m² by the PROLOGIS American group, will position SALBRIS among the greatest European multimode sites for logistics, right at the centre of the European railway and road grid systems.

Lastly, SALBRIS benefits from a strong involvement of the French State and local councils (department of Loir-et-Cher and region Centre), which assist new industries in establishing on its territory.

Salbris Développement

Agence de développement de la Ville de Salbris
Hôtel de Ville 41300 Salbris
Tel : 33 + 2 54 94 10 62
Fax : 33 + 2 54 97 11 54
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